a work in progress

Well today is my due date...but no baby yet! Guess little man won't be sharing a birthday with Julie or the Dalai Lama (both born on 7/6) or with Leslie (born on 7/7) either. Not unless, that is, something starts happening REALLY fast today!

Since I have no baby news to share, I thought I'd show you around the nursery as it currently stands. We're still a ways away from being finished with it, but it's functional and we're pretty sure the baby won't care if his room isn't 100% finished when he makes his grand arrival. :)

First up, the crib/dresser side of the room. The dresser is a Criagslist find that still needs some TLC before it's big reveal, but it's nice and functional in it's current state. The dresser holds cloth diapering supplies in the top two drawers and onesies/sleep sacks in the bottom drawer. The storage drawer under the crib has extra crib sheets and changing pad covers.

Swing around to the other side of the room and we've got the long bookshelf that we've had in this room forever, now repurposed for the nursery. Those lovely bins along the bottom came from Ikea and they hold a variety of stuff (shoes, hats, burp cloths, receiving blankets, toys, etc). The chair and ottoman I bought from my boss, the curtains I sewed myself and the laundry hamper is another repurposed item that we've had around for a long time (see this post for more details on that project). The lamp is another item that we had around the house, just with new sconces (because one of the old ones broke and we couldn't find a matching replacement). Next to the chair is our baby monitor and a little iPod speaker system that changes colors and should provide some nice white noise and visual distraction during late-night nursing sessions.

You may notice that there's some unfinished wood and exposed nail holes on the walls. Well that's been our biggest nursery project yet - Karl has worked really hard to create a custom wainscoting for our little guy's room, and I love the way it's turning out! We still need to find a narrow and thin board to go along the top of the wainscoting to create a little shelf, then fill all the holes/gaps and paint it all white (along with the crown molding). Once it's done it's going to look SWEET.

Now for a few of my favorite details in the room...

The pom poms above the crib. Oh how I love these! This is a pretty popular idea right now, and I totally bought in to the fad. :) Hopefully once the little guy can focus on objects up near the ceiling, the different colors will give him just as much visual stimulation as a mobile. Purchased from Etsy seller Party Poms.

Our trio of handmade stuffed animals...all bought long before I even got pregnant, but when we knew without a doubt that we wanted to have a baby. We found the little fish at the Ballard Market, the elephant I ordered online somewhere (but have forgotten where) and the monster is from Etsy seller Cutesy But Not Cutesy.

Our little book nook. We don't have a whole lot of baby books yet, but I'm sure that will change shortly (if little man is anything like his parents, he will looooooove to read). Love that cute little alligator toy from Plan Toys - he was a hand-me-down from our friends Dan and Leslie.

This sweet sensory cube just arrived in the mail yesterday from across the pond. My good friend Maria moved to the UK in the beginning of this year, and she sent us this toy along with some really cute clothes and UK-themed soft-soled shoes along with a cute note to the baby encouraging him to get his passport as soon as possible so we can come visit her. :)

This frog painting has been hanging in my cubicle at work ever since Karl painted it for me many moons ago, but I thought it would work perfectly in the nursery. Karl has ideas for other artwork that he's going to do for this room as well, so that's why the walls are largely bare.

And finally, the rest of little man's stuffed animals (taking up temporary residence in his crib...but don't worry, they'll be long gone from there once baby is sleeping in the crib. Safety first!). Such cute little stuffies, but we definitely have enough of them now (so if you're thinking of buying the little guy another stuffed animal and haven't already done so, thanks but no thanks....how about some books or a gift certificate instead?!). We've already realized that Henry thinks every one of these toys is his, so that should be...umm, interesting.

So there you have it - our work-in-progress nursery. We love that we have a lot of second-hand and repurposed items in this room, and that it's not too matchy-matchy. Now we just need a baby to complete the picture!


Kate said...

The nursery looks great! I don't have your personal email address and wasn't sure if you had access to your work one at home...or maybe you're still working. :) Anyway, everything is so cute! And, I'm very impressed with the pee pee tee pee's from your previous post. I paid the $10, but it's a good buy. At first, those little boys pee all over! He's usually get the wall all wet and me, but sometimes when I was really wiping his dirty bottom, he'd get himself. Oops! Can't wait to hear more updates!

Anonymous said...

I love the nursery! You are so creative and handy :) I especially love the pom poms. We can't wait to meet our nephew!

Love ya, Laura