Shh....don't tell Henry

We've been doing a lot of research about how to successfully integrate a new babe into a family where the pup might be used to being the #1 baby in the household. One of the things that made a lot of sense was to buy a special treat or two to give to the dog as you are introducing baby to him. So over the weekend we went to Mud Bay and picked up a new squeaky toy and a yummy dog treat...two special presents just for Henry on baby day (they are well hidden away for now).

Henry used to have a toy exactly like this one and he looooooooooved it. We're hoping he remembers all the good times when we give this new one to him, and we're also hoping he associates such a positive experience with the memory of our little guy first coming into the house. :)

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the pom poms! I've never seen them. You sound just a little ... anxious? ;) If I would have made it to my due date I'm CERTAIN I would have been ready to get the show on the road! Now he's just enjoying this last part of pure luxury before he has to work for his food!! Thinking of you, Julie