I'm gonna be pregnant FOREVER!

Haha....just kidding! I am 2 days past my due date, but I seriously don't feel anxious about it yet. I'm feeling good, baby's still moving around lots, and our midwives are content to let him keep on cooking in there for a bit longer. If I make it to 10 days overdue, I'll go in for an ultrasound/bio-physical profile/non-stress test just to make sure everything is still going well in there. If I'm anxious about anything, it's that my mom is here visiting from out of town and it would be great if she could meet her newest grandson before she has to leave. And Karl's step-sister is coming in to visit (from Thailand! although she's been back in the States for several weeks now) just a few days after my mom leaves....so we hope that all of our visitors get to meet the little man.

We're not just sitting around waiting anxiously though - my mom and I have been filling the freezer! According to the news stations, we're having a "Quick Fry in July" this week with temps in the upper 90s...so we're trying to get our cooking done nice and early in the day before it gets too hot in the house. Luckily the hubs re-installed our little window a/c unit in our office last night, so we're currently hanging out there to get a little relief from the heat that just SETTLES IN to the house. The kitties, however, don't want to join us and instead just flop about in the rest of the house. Such martyrs, those two. :)

But back to the cooking! So far we've got 2 pans of veggie enchiladas, 2 pans of Mediterranean tuna noodle casserole, 1 big order of super sloppy joes, 1 big order of lion's head meatballs and 2 baggies full of winter squash muffins in the freezer. Tomorrow we'll probably make 2 pans of quiche, and that will pretty much fill up our freezer.

Thanks for all the cooking help, Mom! You're the best...and we're going to love having so many meals in the freezer in the upcoming weeks!

Lots of my friends have decided that baby is just waiting for the heat wave to be over before he makes his grand debut. So in theory, that means he'd be coming tomorrow. We'll see if they are right...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! I cannot believe the food -- it looks spectacular. You're totally going to be thanking yourself (and your mom) later! Wow. I'd say the first 6-9 months of Will's life I could EAT and EAT and EAT and NEVER GET FULL. It was so fun! (Except when I ran out of food.) I totally wasn't worried about trying to lose the baby weight. I enjoyed being Piggy. (I just keep on checking the blog to see if the Man is here yet ...) ~julie :)