easiest sewing project EVER

Anyone want to take a guess as to what these are??

I won't keep you in suspense for long...they are pee pee teepees! Perfect for (hopefully) keeping us from being surprised with a golden shower during diaper changes. :) I'd seen these online before, but had completely forgotten about them until we stopped by Village Maternity yesterday on our way home from my brother's house and I saw a little packet of them. Ding! Light bulb went off....those would be so easy to make, and would be MUCH cheaper as well (I think they were selling a 5-pack for something like $10).

So this morning I searched online for a quick tutorial (found and used this one), then I whipped up 8 little pee pee teepees in no time flat. I think from the time I hit "search" in Google to the time I pulled out the camera to photograph them I spent about an hour total on this project. So. Easy.

I made 2 each out of some of my favorite fabrics from my stash, and lined them with either flannel, terry cloth or fleece (also from my stash, so this was one super cheap project). We'll see which fabric combo works the best to keep us well protected. After we've road tested them, I have a feeling they will become a regular appearance in my go-to baby shower gift combo for mamas having little boys.

Yay for easy baby sewing projects! :)


Anonymous said...

Freaking hilarious!! We had some of those. They saved us a few times, but getting them to stay on the pee pee generator is the trick :) BUT, they did save us a couple times. The kid has peed all over the place -- the funniest (and most annoying) are the middle-of-the-night diaper changes when the pee stream goes up and back and gets the curtains! Yeah, as gross as this is, still haven't washed his curtains. About 10,000 other fish to fry before I get to those. ~julie P.S. Fortune cookie says (with an accent): Always keep mouth shut when changing diaper.

Anonymous said...

So I am very curious...which fabric combo worked best?? I am looking for inspiration for a baby shower this Sat and these look awesome *and* hilarious!

Laura said...

I ended up liking the flannel on flannel the best! But really, these are more of a novelty gift because the babies quickly get so squirmy that the teepee doesn't stay on. Now if you could figure out how to attach a suction cup... :)