baby essentials: 2 week edition

Now that I'm an *old pro* with 2 weeks under my belt (LOL!), I thought I'd share a few things that have helped me keep my sanity through these long first few days and nights.

Pictures from last weekend, when Wyatt got to meet his Aunts Laura and Tawnya for the first time! (please excuse my crazy hair...I have a feeling I'm not going to be worrying about my hair for a while...) :)

* my iPhone - I'd feel so disconnected without my iPhone! I can check my email, get online, and so much more...it's definitely a lifesaver.

* Baby Brain - an iPhone app that is another lifesaver. I can track breastfeeding (which side is next...left or right? Baby Brain keeps track of all of that for you!), bottles (when we start using them), naps (when he starts doing more than just nursing, napping and going to the bathroom) and diapers. And I love statistics, so I can see that I've nursed Wyatt an average of 15 times a day (YIKES!) during the last week and we've changed an average of 10 diapers a day as well. Love Baby Brain!

* Kellymom.com and askDrSears.com - 2 websites that have really come in handy, particularly during those late night nursing sessions. I can use my iPhone to look up such questions as "Why is my baby wanting to nurse every single hour?" and "Is baby acne normal?". Love being able to research things while holding a nursing baby. :)

* KARL. Dude, words can't even explain what a huge help the hubs has been these last two weeks! He's an amazing dad, and a pretty phenomenal husband as well. :) Whether it's taking on the task of changing every diaper while he's home, brainstorming with me to come up with a few meals that he can start making us for dinner, staying up late so I can get some rest, watering the garden or taking little man off my hands when he can see that I'm about to hit my limit...he's pretty awesome. I am not looking forward to him going back to work tomorrow, but one of us has to earn a regular paycheck while I'm on maternity leave!

* My Brest Friend nursing pillow. This little pillow rocks my world, and it's spent an awful lot of time strapped to my waist. I've even been known to just sleep with the darn thing on to save time when Wyatt starts fussing for his next feeding. :)

* Nursing bras - let me tell you, easy access plus some support plus a place to put nursing pads (another essential, BTW) = an undeniable essential for me. Karl jokes that I was "made to lactate"...and that is no lie!

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Anonymous said...

We loved meeting little Wyatt! What a cutie. I still can't get over how long he is and those long fingers and toes :) Can't wait for cousins to meet!

Love ya,