Shower time

Last weekend my friends Amy and Leslie put on a wonderful baby shower for us, and it was hosted at our house! To prepare the house, I basically hijacked my dad and stepmom for a few days beforehand and had them working night and day to get ready for guests (actually, it wasn’t quite so extreme as that...but it was close!). A majority of the work was done in the kitchen – walls were painted, tiles were cleaned and counters were scrubbed (pictures to come, in another post). Plus the hallway and dining room were painted, the kitchen carpet cleaned, the yard cleaned up (we FINALLY had a dry-enough day to mow our jungle of a yard!), they helped me take all three of our pets into the vet for their annual check-ups and some work was done in the nursery. Needless to say, I think they were probably pretty darn tired and ready for a break when I dropped them off at the airport early Monday morning. Thanks, Dad and Barb, for all the help...we love you to bits. Next time we promise to not work you so hard so you can have some free time to do other things, like head up north to spend some quality time with the rest of your Seattle-based family. :)

Now, on to the shower! Amy and Leslie did such a great job, and they made the shower exactly how I wanted it – not too baby shower-ish, but more like a casual party/BBQ with family and close friends. Let’s start with the invites, thank you cards and favors – how cute are these?

Amy looked at this photo to see what fabrics/colors I was using in the nursery, and she designed the invites and coordinating thank you cards herself. She went to a ton of work cutting out all those little felt turtles and assembling the invites, so it’s a good thing we didn’t invite that many people!

As for the decorations, they kept it fairly simple with a sign out front and a super cute clothesline of baby clothes strung across our living room ceiling. The tiny little clothes are adorable, now we’ll just have to see if our little guy is actually little enough to fit into these newborn and 0-3 mo sizes! :)

For food we had a great variety of Costco trays, Amy’s secret recipe (and oh-so-good) chicken wings and Dan’s famous (and always delicious) kabobs along with a tasty vanilla cake. Yum!

My nephew especially loved the cake...

We played boys vs girls for Baby Pictionary and while I don’t think we actually declared a winner, I’m pretty sure the girls did a better job overall of more quickly guessing what was being drawn each time.

Then we got to the gifts! We were blessed by the generosity of our friends and family, and got several of the cloth diapers that we’ve registered for in addition to some uber cute clothes and some other essentials that we’ve been hoping to get.

And here's a WHOA MAMA shot of just how big I've gotten. This was on Sunday, just shy of 36 weeks. I went to lunch with a good friend of mine this week whom I hadn't seen in a few months, and she was like "Wow, you are HUGE!" LOL! :)

So a big huge thanks to Amy and Leslie for organizing such a sweet and fun day for us, to Dan and Tim for manning the grill like a couple of pros, to Dad and Barb for coming up early and helping out so much around the house, and to everyone else for coming to the shower and sharing in our special day!


philnjill said...

We had fun! They did a fantastic job on the party!

amy said...

glad you were happy with the party. we definitely enjoyed showering you! oh, and the rest of your presents just arrived. literally, like 5 min ago. 2 day shipping turned into 2 week shipping!

Thai Adventurer said...

How fun!! Yeah.....