belly pics - 36 weeks

Alternate title: March of the Penguins (since that's what it looks like when I "walk" these days!)

Here I am at 36 weeks pregnant. Just one more month to go!

Lately I’ve had a bunch of people say “Aren’t you just SO READY to be done with all of this?” in a very sympathetic voice. Honestly, I’m good. If you’d asked me that same question during the first trimester or even through most of the second trimester I would have answered with a resounding “YES!” and probably sprinkled that answer with a few choice words about how much I was never going to do this again. But I think my body just took 4 or 5 months to get used to being pregnant, and now that the extreme exhaustion and out-of-control groin/ligament pain has mostly subsided, I really don’t mind being pregnant (for the most part). Here are a few of the positives (so that I can remind myself in the early days, should we decide to go down this path again in the future):

• You get a lot of special attention. While I might not always like the constant “How are you feeling?”-type questions, I do appreciate the fact that pretty soon people will stop asking about me and start asking about the kiddo all the time so I’d better enjoy it while it lasts.

• A new perspective on my body. People, let me tell you...I may not like looking for maternity clothes or spending money on such a temporary wardrobe, but what is nice is that I don’t feel nearly as self-conscious about my body anymore! I have a baby bump now instead of a spare tire, so it’s much easier for me to wear more form-fitting shirts and not fret about what I might look like to other people. I kind of like feeling secure about my body image again, as it’s been quite a long time since I had that sense of confidence.

• My back. I’ve struggled with lower back pain for years and years. I hope I don’t jinx myself by saying this, but my back has, overall, felt pretty good since I’ve been pregnant! I even did more to prep the veg garden this year than I did last year, and my back didn’t give out on me a single time. Not sure if I’m just being more careful or if the baby gives me super powers...

• The hubs. It’s been such a pleasant surprise (to both of us, I imagine) to discover how much K likes me being pregnant! He’s constantly telling me how cute my belly is and how he thinks pregnancy agrees with me. He’s always been a very complimentary guy, but he’s even more so now and that’s been very nice. I sure did get lucky in the husband department. :)

So there you go – a few of the better aspects (for me, anyway) of being pregnant. So if you’re thinking of asking me if I’m “so ready” to be done...you can rest assured that my answer is “Nope!”. We can’t wait to meet the little guy, but not until it’s time. If he’s anything like his stubborn mama, I’m sure he’ll come into this world on his own terms and that’s just fine by us.

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Anonymous said...

I think your attitude about being fine where you are --not wishing away the pregnancy-- is so great!! Looking back, it really was one of the best times of my life. This is the last time you and Karl will have one another just to yourselves. (And it's really tough when that's over.) I think you're wise to cherish this time.
(I wasn't wishing for my pregnancy to end, then Will came 3 weeks early. You just never know w/ these babes!) Love, julie