I know, I know...I skipped a week of meal planning! We've been too busy with TCB (takin' care of business) around here for a stinkin' meal plan! :)

We really have been TCB. Behold...

* Sold a bunch of stuff on my company's classified ads. Got full asking price for nearly all of it, and I didn't have to worry about any crazy Craigslist psychos!

* Prepared 6 boxes of stuff to drop off at Goodwill. Man alive, I love clearing out clutter!

* Weeded, dug in, composted and planted 6 of our 7 raised garden beds. Still have one bed left to do, and that one's going to hold my pumpkin experiment. Also still need to plant 2 of the potato bins and weed/till/compost/plant the original non-raised bed (that one's going to be a real bugger, as it's almost completely overgrown with weeds).

* Had an ultrasound to check on the little guy's kidneys. All looks good and he's currently head-down. Still didn't get a good look at his face because of the way he was positioned. Guess he wants us to wait until we meet him in person for us to see what he looks like!

* Found a daycare. WOOHOOOOO!!!! After our ultrasound, Karl and I toured/interviewed a daycare that had a lot of promise. Turns out we liked them just as much in person as we did on the phone, they have infant openings when we want them, they are really close to my office and their price (while still on the high end) is within the range that I was willing to pay. I can't even tell you what a relief it is to finally have daycare locked down!

* Set up interviews with a potential doula (birthing coach) and a potential pediatrician. Fingers crossed that both of these work out.

* Cleaned out and completely organized our laundry room.

* Painted the living room side of our new(ish) wall, moved a bunch of furniture around and finally settled on a layout that we really like. Bonus: the furniture switcheroo cleared out a bunch of space in the nursery so we can start moving stuff in there.

* As I type this, Karl's on Day 2 of putting up the backsplash tile in our kitchen. I am LOVING it so far, and I can't wait to see what it looks like when we've cleaned everything up and grouted. We went with 1x2 glass tiles in a few shades of ivory and tan, and we splurged a little bit to put up a taller backsplash all the way around the kitchen. Yummy.

* There's probably more I'm forgetting, but man...am I tired! And so is the hubby - he's been working his tail off to try and get as many items checked off the list before we have a baby shower at our house in a few weekends. I'm excited to show off the house to our friends and family, but part of me also wonders if I completely lost my mind when I volunteered up our house to my girlfriends for our baby shower. Oh well, it is definitely providing lots of motivation to wrap up some projects!

Happy Sunday! Coming up soon, some nursery sneak peaks...

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philnjill said...

Wow, sis. That's an intense list!