nursery sneak peaks

As promised, here are a few sneak peaks of our very much still in-progress nursery.

First up, the crib and crib skirt. Karl built the crib and I sewed the crib skirt, and it took me about twice as long as I'd expected because (a) I winged it instead of using a pattern (as usual), and (b) I decided to put a box pleat in the middle of each long side with a fun orange fabric peaking out from behind the pleat.

Next is the coordinating laundry basket. Does that frame look familiar, Mom? It should, because it's the laundry bag/frame that I've had since high school - we painted the frame brown and I tore apart the original laundry bag to use as a pattern. I love the way it turned out, even if I did have to rip out and re-sew on those darn handles three times before I got the spacing right!

And that's all of the polka dot fabric I had, so the rest of the projects won't be so matchy-matchy but will instead (hopefully) just all fit together and be cute and original. :)

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