Mission Organization: Baby Clothes

We have some VERY generous friends who happen to have 2 growing boys, and in addition to giving us lots of their gently used baby gear...they've also given us LOTS of baby clothes for when the little guy gets a little bit older! We've also gotten several clothes in the newborn - 6 months range, and we've got those ready to go in the dresser (whenever the dresser is ready, that is).

This morning I sorted all of the clothes by size and then put the 6+ month clothes in labeled tubs so when our little guy is ready to fit into the bigger clothes we'll know exactly where to go. We are totally set on onesies, footed PJ's and sleep sacks for at least the next year! There are also some other super cute outfits and lots and lots of bibs, burp clothes and receiving blankets (all of which will be put to use immediately after the babe is here, I'm sure).

Thanks so much, Leslie and Dan...you rock! :)

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Green Girls of Karmafarmonline.com said...

Great idea to get those old clothes organized. I just took several bags of baby clothes to the Guardian Ad Litem office here in Florida. They ALWAYS need items. Some kids are taken from their homes in the middle of the night with no more than the diapers they are wearing. thanks for the great posts! Angie