Menu Planning Monday

Our kitchen has been TORN UP for a few weeks since we started the backsplash tiling and then subsequently hired professional painters for the cabinets. Needless to say, not a whole lot of cooking (or meal planning) was going on during that time. But I am sick and tired of eating out and spending too much money, so this week it’s back to it regardless of what state the kitchen’s in! :)

For the week of May 31...

Monday: Not sure yet...we’re pretty busy today working on the nursery so I haven’t given much thought to dinner. Happy Memorial Day!
Tuesday: black bean and quinoa bowls
Wednesday: roasted chicken and spicy peanut soba noodles
Thursday: tacos or chili (haven’t decided yet)
Friday: zippy chicken and mushroom soup (a recipe that my friend Melissa’s mom passed along a while back, but I’ve yet to try)
Saturday: ham-stuffed manicotti (loosely based off of this recipe) - yep, we’re still working our way through that ham from a few weeks ago! Might make a double-batch of this and keep one dinner in the freezer (is it too early to start stocking the freezer with post-baby food??)
Sunday: eat out (we’ve got a baby shower at our house and our Bradley classes that evening – no time to cook!)

What are you eating this week?

New recipe review:
Even though I haven’t posted meal plans for the last several weeks, I have cooked on occasion. One of the new recipes I tried was chicken and sun-dried tomato orzo. Verdict? This was good, although I’d make a few changes to make it a bit more flavorful and easy. Specifically...more sun-dried tomatoes and garlic, chop the chicken and mix it into the sauce to avoid the step of reserving some of the sauce and spooning it over the whole chicken breasts, using half the chicken called for (still gives you plenty of oomph from the protein but cuts down on the cost and on your meat consumption, if you are interested in that sort of thing) and also sprinkling fresh basil over the whole dish. Cooked to the letter of the recipe, I’d give this one 3 out of 4 stars.

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