Menu Planning Monday

I gotta say, I just ran the numbers for our April budget...and this meal planning thing seems to be working! We spent less on food during April than we did in any of the 9 months prior to that (which is how long I have on my current tracking spreadsheet). Granted, we did have a few weeks where we ate out more than my goal of 1x per week, but overall we did SO MUCH better than we have been and we don’t feel like we sacrificed anything in the food department. Now I just have to keep that up and work harder toward achieving our eating out goals, and I think we’ll have a recipe for long-term success on our hands. Love it!

For the week of May 3...

Monday: chicken soft tacos (taco meat from the freezer)
Tuesday: eggs in a basket with roasted broccoli
Wednesday: black bean and quinoa bowls (Happy Cinco de Mayo!)
Thursday: rotisserie chicken with mushroom risotto and sauteed rainbow chard
Friday: spinach ravioli with homemade tomato sauce and roasted cauliflower
Saturday: eat out
Sunday: taco night

What are you eating this week?

New Recipe Review:
Last week I tried out this peanut noodle vegetable soup, and it was DELICIOUS! I believe the exact words Karl used were “It’s like a culinary explosion in your mouth!” We’ll probably be adding this one in to the rotation on a monthly basis. I added 1 chicken breast, boiled and chopped, and used whole wheat spaghetti instead of the vermicelli rice noodles called for in the recipe. This made 4 large serving sizes, and each one had 26 grams of protein (if I did my math correctly)...which is a great amount of protein!

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