Menu Planning Monday

What happens when you send your husband to the store to pick up tortilla shells and he comes home with tortilla shells and a 15-lb ham? Your menu plan for the rest of the week goes right out the door! That’s what happened to us last week, but in Karl’s defense he did get a really good deal on the ham. :)

So this week I’ve got a few carryovers again, due to all the ham we had last week. That’s okay though, because the ham was quite tasty! Without further ado...

For the week of April 26...

Monday: leftover ham, mushroom risotto and roasted asparagus
Tuesday: peanut noodle vegetable soup - Going to add chicken to this recipe...not that I don’t love a good vegetarian dish, it’s just that I want to increase my protein intake a bit and I think chicken would complement this soup. Also going to use thin whole wheat pasta instead of noodles, because I'm too lazy to go back to the store for the noodles!
Wednesday: veggie lasagna
Thursday: broccoli, ham and cheese frittata
Friday: spaghetti and meatballs with roasted broccoli
Saturday: Papa Murphy’s pizza
Sunday: spinach ravioli with homemade tomato sauce

What are you eating this week?

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Trina said...

You will have to share some recipes with me...in the past year Ive really started to enjoy cooking and you seem to have some good ideas.