Menu Planning Monday

I’m back with my 2nd weekly installment of ‘What’s for Dinner?’ in the LeDoux house. :) Posting our meal plan last week really helped me stay on track, we ate better and we saved money by not eating out as often as we may have if I hadn’t felt the pressure to stick to the plan. Peer pressure at it’s finest...I love it! ;)

For the week of April 12...

Monday: meatball subs (using leftover homemade tomato sauce from last week and Trader Joe's Italian meatballs...love them!) with roasted broccoli
Tuesday: red bean and rice burritos (a carryover from last week, when we did a substitution)
Wednesday: shrimp fried rice
Thursday: steak fajitas
Friday: tuna melts, roasted sweet potatoes
Saturday: eat out for my birthday (a day early)!
Sunday: tortellini and zucchini soup with Trader Joe's rosemary bread.

I can't believe it's asparagus season and I haven't even made it to the farmer's market yet for my favorite fresh veggie! Oh well, chalk it up to a long 'To Do' list and Sundays that are chock-full of work getting our house and garden ready (our favorite market is the Ballard Market on Sundays). Maybe next week? Yes, definitely!

What are you eating this week?

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