Menu Planning Monday

I’m going to start a new feature here, where I post our meal plan for the week every Monday. I find that making a meal plan in advance helps me stick to my goal of cooking at home at least 5 nights a week. Since food expenditures are one of the biggest areas of our budget where I’m trying to achieve some reductions, and I can easily fall into the “I’m too tired to cook tonight” trap during the week, I’m hoping that this will help me stay on track!

Week of April 5

• Monday: chicken enchiladas, garden salad
• Tuesday: black bean and quinoa bowls (SO GOOD, I'll have to post the recipe once I find it)
• Wednesday: grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with roasted sweet potatoes
• Thursday: spinach ravioli with homemade (and homegrown!) tomato sauce
• Friday: rotisserie chicken, roasted broccoli and risotto
• Saturday: order out, probably pizza
• Sunday: red bean and rice burritos from this book (another vegetarian dish that is so good)

So that's the plan for what we're eating this week. What are you eating?


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the black bean & quinoa bowl recipe. I'm looking for a good quinoa recipe! ~julie
p.s. This is nice! When I run out of meal ideas I can steal some from your blog!!

Thai Adventurer said...

Totally wish I could pop on over for dinner...no meal plan here. No refrigerator= no meal planning! But sounds good, great idea!