Making a list and checking it twice

As you can imagine, with a baby on the way, a DIY kitchen remodel, a vegetable garden to plant and countless other things to do...we are busy! Or rather I should say that Karl is one busy man since a majority of our projects are falling on his shoulders while I tackle the stuff that’s safer for this mama-to-be to handle.

This past weekend, the hubs was a man-on-a-mission! He got so much done, it was kind of amazing. He sure does love that nail gun and the quarter-sheet sander that my dad loaned us...not sure if we’ll ever give those two back (just kidding, Dad!)...and he put those both to good use this weekend by installing the rest of the trim in the kitchen, the new (and improved) chair rail in the dining room and the baseboards on the new wall in our living room.

He also finished moving our cable to the inside corner of the living room, mowed the lawn, hauled a few bags of compost down to the garden for me, changed the cat litter and trimmed Henry’s shaggy face! I’m telling you...Man. On. A. Mission.

Meanwhile, I cleaned out our hall closet, got together a big Goodwill pile, pulled some weeds in the garden, planted a few plants and primed half of the nursery (don’t worry, we are using no VOC paint so it’s safe, plus I had the window wide open for ventilation). My list of accomplishments wasn’t nearly as long as Karl’s, but I was still pretty happy with what I got done. :)

Our goal is to get the kitchen and nursery completely done by the end of May so that we can focus on the garden and a little together time during June before baby chaos takes over. That means we’ve got 7 weekends to go before the deadline. If we keep being as productive as we were this past weekend, we should be able to easily accomplish that. Famous last words?? I hope not!

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