See these two kitties? So cute, right? They love each other, and they are very lovey with us as well. But notice how Cooper (the buff-colored cat) has that "What? I'm totally innocent!" look in his eyes? Yeah, not so much mister...I know your game.

Cooper is OBSESSED with destroying toilet paper! We’ve never been able to use the wall-mounted TP holder because Cooper has some type of jedi awareness of when a new roll goes up and he’s got it unrolled and destroyed almost immediately (I suspect that Henry is his partner-in-crime in this endeavor). We’ve just been putting the rolls on the back of the toilet all these years, but even that hasn’t been safe because stealthy Cooper likes to sneak in and quietly chew on the roll when we aren’t looking. If you’ve been to our house very often, I’m sure you’ve seen our mangled TP rolls!

But now we’ve come up with a solution that didn’t cost us any money and so far has effectively prevented Cooper Cat from wreaking havoc in the bathroom. We used to have this basket in our kitchen to hold spices and garlic, but now with the new layout we have plenty of cabinet space that we don’t need the basket anymore. The basket’s now been repurposed as a TP holder, and Cooper’s been foiled. Victory is ours!

Why didn’t I think of this sooner??!

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