This is a Man's World...

(alternate title: Let's Hear It For The Boy)

Boys dominate our household – 1 husband, 1 pup and 2 kitties...all male! Well soon we’ll be adding one more boy to the mix as we found out at my mid-pregnancy ultrasound that our little one is a BOY! Looks like I get to continue my reign as the alpha female in this house for a bit longer. :)

Above is a 3-D image of our little boy. He was being shy and wouldn’t move his hands or uncurl his body no matter how nicely we asked (or how much we pushed and prodded on my belly), so no face/profile shots today. I do get a follow-up ultrasound in 12 weeks though to monitor some very minor things they are keeping an eye on in his kidneys, so hopefully we’ll get a good Glamour Shot at that time. :)

We're so excited to meet this little guy in 4.5 months!


Anonymous said...

That's an amazing photo. We never did 3D. ~julie

Angie said...

I'm so excited for you. We have 4 boys......they are awesome! That is a great photo. We didn't ever get the 3D photos either. They look so neat. I hope all goes well. Now, you'll have to come up w/a name. Boy names were easy for us.......with our little girl (the last child we had) we couldn't figure out what to name her....we already had Noah picked out for a boy though! LOL

I wish you many blessings with your new little blessing.


Anonymous said...

That's really cool. Of all the ultrasounds we've had - none were in 3D. Scott would be jealous!

Love ya,