soffit to me

Our kitchen had a soffit built into the framework. HAD being the optimal word here! :) It went from this, on Jan 24...

To this, yesterday...

To this, around noon today...

And now it looks like this! (there are doors and shelves for these cabinets, we just hadn't put them on yet when I took this pic)

It's beginning to look more and more like a kitchen in here...and now we even have a little half wall on the back end of the peninsula!

I keep saying to Karl, "Man, it is so nice to have a professional (Rocky) and an exceptionally good hobbyist (my dad) in the family!" And it's also nice that we found a smokin' deal on a flight out here for Rocky this weekend (thank you, Midwest Airlines!).

Next up, my dad is coming back up to help us put the finish pieces on the cabinetry and then the weekend after next our luscious quartz counter tops are being installed. I can't wait!

Thanks SO MUCH to Rocky for all of his hard work this weekend. We got everything accomplished that was on our wish list and then some. You rock! :)

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