Kitchen Update, part II

And now, page 2 of the story…

I wasn’t sure when we’d get the rest of the cabinets up here for the rest of the remodel, but apparently my dad had other ideas. Karl and I were taking a trip back to Missouri to visit family during the last week of January, and my dad hatched a little plan to rent a truck, drive up the rest of the cabinets and install the lower cabinets while we were gone so we wouldn’t be too terribly inconvenienced by an unusable kitchen for very long. No amount of “Are you sure? That’s a lot of work for one person to do by himself. Are you REALLY sure?” questions could deter him from doing this though, so a rental truck was procured, a few extra cabinets were purchased from HD Supply (a fabulous source for affordable cabinets and other home improvement goods in the Sacramento area, by the way) and we anxiously kept an eye on the weather forecast for the two mountain passes one must cross to get from Sacramento to Seattle (Siskiyou Pass and Mt. Shasta, if you are wondering).

The other crucial piece to this puzzle was that we (well, Karl really...since I’m in a “delicate condition”) had to get the old cabinets/counter ripped out before Dad arrived. So the weekend before our trip, Karl gutted the kitchen! I helped by cleaning up, going on food runs and offering moral support...but Karl did all of the huffing and puffing and blowing our house (kitchen) down. Two trips to the dump later, and we were left with a blank slate. Along the way we found some lovely old wallpaper, a very poorly insulated drainpipe, a big hole in the drywall, some not-so-safe electrical work and a hole in the floor that had at some point allowed mice to get in and create a nest under our cabinets! YUCK!

Off we went to Missouri and in came my dad to pet-sit and install cabinets. What a guy! I heart him. :) He caulked the drainpipe gaps, plugged the drywall/critter holes, fixed the shoddy electrical wiring, leveled the floors, installed the lower cabinets (and even raised them up a few inches to make it easier on our backs since we’re both so tall), hooked up the dishwasher (O Happy Day!!), installed a temporary plywood counter and then (with Karl’s help, after we returned) re-installed our heavy old cast iron sink so we could have a semi-functioning kitchen again. All in the span of one week! I really heart him. :)

So that’s where we were as of February 2, 2010. As I type this Rocky (my FIL) is here for the weekend helping us rip out the soffit, build a small raised wall on the back of the peninsula and running some new outlets for the space. Then we'll still have to install the rest of the upper cabinets, install counters and a sink, paint/glaze the cabinets and apply a frosting treatment to the glass fronts of the cabinets. Lots of work still to do, lots of work already done...and it’s all going to be so worth it. The kitchen already looks and feels at least 200% better than what we started with, and we’re not even done!

I have to give HUGE THANKS AND APPRECIATION to Rocky, Susan, Dad and Karl…you have all done so much work for us (not just in the kitchen), and a simple thank you will never convey just how grateful I am for all you’ve done.

More updates to come as we progress through the remodel. And once we’re done with the kitchen, it’s nursery time! And garden time!

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