Kitchen counters and other sundries

Our kitchen counters are here! Our kitchen counters are here!

Other than our appliances, we knew that the counters would be the most expensive part of our DIY kitchen remodel. Expensive because we wanted stone and we knew that it couldn’t be a DIY project so we’d have to hire someone and pay for labor and installation. But since we were saving so much money on all the other aspects of our kitchen, this is an expense that we gladly took on. We decided to go with quartz counters for a variety of reasons but mostly because they are super durable, look great, don't stain easily and don’t require periodic sealing like some of the other stone options.

Before we even had a chance to fully complete our research into the best option for where to purchase our counters, my friend Amy (Daphne and Chloe's mom) told me about a place they’d found in the SoDo district of Seattle, Pius Kitchen and Bath. OMG, this place is seriously a diamond in the rough! Their prices were several thousand dollars less than the big box stores, and they had a decent selection as well. Their prices are the best thing, but the second best thing is how fast they are. We finalized the order on a Sunday and they were willing to come and install that next Thursday. Since we wanted a weekend installation date though, we had to wait slightly longer...but they still came within 2 weeks of when we placed the order.

And how did they turn out? We love them!! The installation guys came on time, cut and shaped the counters on-site and finished the job up in just a few hours. Plus they were very polite and professional.

In other kitchen developments, my dad and stepmom came up the weekend before our counter installation and helped us get a few finishing details done so we’d be ready for the counter installation. Namely, we now have a GORGEOUS microwave installed above our range (still need to finish getting the vent out the roof, but it’s almost done). We also now have some beautiful custom trim work done on the dining room side of our new wall (but I've been having a hard time getting a good shot that truly captures how cool it looks). And because Karl did such a great job carefully removing the bead board from the back of the old cabinets, we were able to continue with our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle theme and reuse the bead board on the back of our new cabinets. I love it when plans come together like that!

Man, I tell ya...when this kitchen is done it is going to be the nicest part of our house! And we have saved so much money thanks to the generosity of perfect strangers and the hard work of our loving family. I may be a bit more emotional and hormonal than normal right now (some days more than others), but I really do appreciate with my whole being everything that everyone has done for us. XOXO :)


Trina said...

What is a Bead Board?

Laura said...

Bead board is a type of wainscoting trim...looks like you took a board and ran a bead (i.e., line) down it every few inches. HTH! :)