Happy Pancake Day!

Today is Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day! While I’m not overly religious, I’m never going to pass up an opportunity for a good pancake. You know what that means? Breakfast for dinner tonight! :)

I have several recipes for homemade pancake mix, but I’ve never even tried them because I just love the Snoqualmie Falls pancake mix so much. Typically we have our pancakes plain with just a little butter and syrup, but in honor of Pancake Day we decided to have a trio of fruit pancakes to see which we liked the best.

First up, apples and cinnamon pancakes. Shredded half a camano apple and added ½ tsp of cinnamon to the mix. Verdict? OMG, it tastes like a hearty apple pie.

Next up, banana pancakes. Mashed up one ripe banana with a dash of vanilla and added to the mix. Verdict? Holy cow, this is good.

And last, blueberry pancakes. Added whole blueberries to the mix. Verdict? Blueberries were made to be added to pancakes!

Final verdict? It’s a three-way tie, there is no clear winner here. They are all good! I see lots of fruit pancakes in our future.

(Sorry for the so-so quality of the photos. Somehow in our whole-house shuffle during the kitchen remodel I have misplaced my favorite camera lens. Boooo!)

Happy Pancake Day!

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SuNgirL said...

it's look delicious