Eye of the Tiger

2010 is the Year of the Golden Tiger on the Chinese lunar calendar. This is a special lunar year that only comes along once every 60 years. So not only will our little boy be born under this special sign, but I have a have a new nephew who is a Golden Tiger as well!

Baby Rocky made his dramatic entrance to the world this past Tuesday, just about 4 weeks early. He clocked in at a hefty 3 pounds 13 ounces and we were lucky enough to be the first family (other than his parents, obviously) to get to meet him this weekend!

Little Rocky's road to the world has been paved with uncertainty and worry, but this little guy is quickly moving on up in life. He started out in level 3 of the NICU on Tuesday, got downgraded to level 2 by Friday evening and less than 24 hours later (on Saturday night) has was already down to the lowest level in the NICU! It sounds like he basically just needs to gain some weight so that he can self-regulate his body temperature, and he'll be heading home. His journey has been remarkably well aligned with the traits common to a Golden Tiger, so much so that it almost makes me believe in astrology. :)

Traits of a Golden Tiger: a fierce will to survive, bravery, competitiveness and a habit of rising to the top. Against all odds, this little baby nephew of ours is displaying a fiercer than fierce will to survive. He truly is a fighter, true to his name. We are so proud of his momma for believing in her faith and intuition all of these months and for giving him a chance to survive, because it has totally paid off. The road ahead is sure to be stressful and not always the easiest (as it is with all newborn babies), but we absolutely cannot wait for our little Golden Tigers to both get here and be best buds throughout the years.

Plus, how perfect is it that we’re all Tigers ourselves (both sets of parents), and our first babies are going to be Tigers as well?! It was surely meant to be. :)

Baby Rocky is so cute, and we're not just saying that because we're a biased aunt and uncle...all of the nurses are ga-ga over him as well! Here's a link to the photos from our short visit this weekend: Rocky photo album. We hope to be heading back down to Portland in a few weeks so that we can see him and his mom and dad at home.

Welcome to the world, Baby Rocky!


philnjill said...

He looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...


I love the pictures! You should be a photographer!! Thanks for all you help this weekend. We cannot thank you enough.

Love ya,

Thai Adventurer said...

Yeah! I am so glad that I got to see these and thanks for sharing! So jealous that you all got to see him!

Anonymous said...

Awww, he's beautiful!! So glad to hear how it's turning out. :)