Tomato Week: Day 5

Today I want to share a few of my favorite ways to enjoy fresh homegrown tomatoes. Yes, we do actually eat some of our tomatoes fresh off the vine instead of just preserving them all for the winter! :)

One of the simplest ways to eat fresh tomatoes (especially cherry tomatoes!) is to melt a little butter in a skillet, heat it over med-hi heat, toss in the tomatoes, saute until the skins are just about to burst, season with salt and pepper and toss with fresh basil. Yum!

My other favorite way to enjoy fresh tomatoes is in a caprese salad. Take a salad plate and alternate slices of tomato with slices of fresh mozzarella, season with salt and pepper, pile on the fresh basil and then drizzle with EVOO and balsamic vinegar. I looooooooooove this salad, and I'm sorry that I don't have a photo to share. I'm usually so anxious to eat it that I can't stop to take pictures before digging in!

And finally, this cherry tomato salad is super simple and super tasty.

I love tomatoes! :)

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