Tomato Week: Day 2

Most of the time I have sole gardening responsibilities. Karl did a lot of heavy lifting to build the garden, and it's my passion...so usually I don't ask him for much help once the plants are in the ground. Plus, it's nice to have some "me" time down in the garden after work. But this year I pulled a muscle in my back, right near the end of August when the garden was positively EXPLODING with ripe tomatoes. Karl jumped right in to harvest the tomatoes for a couple weeks (and he even donned my big floppy garden hat...protection from the sun is essential for our pale skin!). All I had to do was sit on the patio with my feet up and take pictures.

It was kind of like a live-action game of Where's Waldo.

But then the relaxation time was over once he inundated the house with tomatoes...luckily he helped me with the preserving, too. I think I'll keep him around. ;)

Coming up next....Under Pressure (canning, that is...although I did often hum the Queen song while waiting for the canner to reach the proper pressure)!

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