Tomato Week: Day 1

Today I’m kicking off a week of blog posts centered around my summer obsession – tomatoes. Since they’ve taken up so much of my time and energy over these past few months, it’s only logical that they take up some of my blog time as well. Plus, summer is definitely over now...so this is my way of fondly remembering the warmer weather. :)

So today’s post is about The. Biggest. Tomato. Ever. Forget that previous record-breaker (for me, anyway)...this one takes the cake! A full 2-hander that clocked in at 2 pounds 9 ounces! I’m sure it’s not the biggest tomato ever grown anywhere, but it’s definitely the biggest tomato ever grown by me. (photo is from Aug 26, 2009)

Just like our other big tomatoes, this one had a really good flavor and wasn’t mealy at all. I skinned it, chopped it and canned it right along with the rest of our harvest from that particular week. It probably filled at least a quart-sized jar all by itself!