Britta's Inn, year 2

Remember our trip to Astoria last year? Well we decided to make it an annual tradition, and this year my dad and stepmom joined us (it was actually their combined Christmas/birthdays gift from us). We stayed at our favorite little B&B, Britta’s Inn, again and since we had both rooms reserved...we had the whole place to ourselves!

Well, we had the place to ourselves save for Rona (the owner), Teddy (her ADORABLE dog) and the family of deer that roam through their backyard every evening at dusk. Are you freaking kidding me? They have charming little deer that walk right past their picture window every night, practically on cue? As if this place wasn’t picturesque enough already with its classic craftsman style, close-to-town location, crazy cute dog and super friendly owners...but now you add baby deer into the mix?? It’s almost too much to handle!

But sadly for us, our annual tradition is more than likely only going to be a 2-year tradition. Rona and Skip are packing up and moving back to northern California for a too-good-to-pass-up job opportunity. You know how hard it is to deal with the internal conflict of hearing news that’s really great for your friend but might make you a little sad on the inside? Yeah, that’s how it was when Rona told us about their upcoming move. We’d so looked forward to many return visits to Britta’s Inn over the upcoming years, and we’re just not sure if it will be the same under new ownership.

Oh well, I guess you never really know what lies ahead for the future. We made sure to let Rona know that we’d like to be on the lottery list if they end up retaining the B&B and just allowing guests for a very limited number of days a year.

And we also made sure to take lots and lots of photos to commemorate this lovely little respite from the hustle-and-bustle of Seattle life.

Thanks for the memories...we sure do love this place!

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