better late than never...

Sorry, Dad...I got completely wrapped up in reading a book yesterday afternoon, and before I knew what had happened it was midnight already!

Okay, back to the kitchen renovation. On Friday I started out the day by wielding a power tool. See the sawzall at the bottom of this photo? I used that to cut out the studs in our old wall! It made me feel like I'd been shaken up in a blender, but it was still pretty cool. :)

By the end of the day on Friday, the new wall (moved ~2 feet into our living room) was framed and most of the electrical wiring had been ran down from the attic. The was a mean gap in our floor and in the ceiling where the old wall had been, but we knew Rocky would know how to fix it.

Henry was not entirely sure what to make of all of this.

Saturday morning brought with it sunny skies, drywall and a bunch of work under the house. Rocky moved our water line so that we can put the fridge on the new wall and he also moved our cable line to the new wall so I can have our TV on the inside wall of the living room instead of by the window.

Before we closed off both sides of the wall with drywall though, Susan and I added insulation to the area where the fridge will be against.

And by the end of the evening Rocky had applied several coats of joint compound to the new drywall (I think I took this picture after the first coat) and to the wall/ceiling gaps left from the old wall. He also did some repair work to the nasty cracks that had formed in our hallway. He seriously is a rockstar, and when he leaves here he's going back down to Portland to do some projects around Laura & Scott's house before heading home to CoMo. I can't even tell you how much we appreciate that Rocky and Susan help us out so much with our home projects when they come to visit. They are awesome!

Oh, and see that little beauty on the wall beside Karl in the photo above? Goodbye ugly 1960s thermostat, hello modern programmable one! :)

Today, before Rocky and Susan head out of town, we'll finish up the mudding and then lay down some new Pergo flooring on the kitchen side. Karl and I will do the finish work (sanding, texturing, painting, baseboards) on our own...although I'm sure we won't finish it all quite as fast as stuff has been getting done these last few days!

So that's what we've been up to for the past few days. Again, I can't even adequately express how appreciative we are to Rocky and Susan. We've undertaken some big projects with them before (umm, adding a wall and window where there had previously been a big ugly sliding glass door), but this one ended up being the biggest project yet. We got so much more than just a new wall - a new header up in the attic, electrical wiring that's up to code, plumbing work, ceiling crack repair, flooring and a completely unrelated project also (pictures of that to come). We've already decided that their 2010 visit will be strictly a fun visit....no work!

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