2nd kitchen sneak peek

Today I discovered that I like knocking down drywall (especially when a big ol' maul is involved!). Inhaling all that dust and cleaning up the mess? That I don't like so much. :)

Rocky, my father-in-law, is a stud. He sure knows his way around a toolbox.

And he's dedicated, too! Not only is he working his tail off on his VACATION, but he's also still working as I post this (it's 9pm, for cryin' out loud!). Love that guy!

And to Leslie...yep, our appliances were delivered on Monday night. There are 3 tiny dings on the right-hand side of the fridge, but they are only noticeable if you look at it an a particular angle. Considering those 3 tiny dings saved us almost $600, I consider them a badge of honor! :) Rocky and Karl got the gas line hooked up to the stove today, and I'm looooooving cooking with gas. Love it!

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