Couldn't resist...

Found on a recent weekend getaway...

And it tasted pretty good, too!


Hello Fall?

Yesterday was the first day of fall, yet it's been in the 80s all week. Crazy Seattle weather this year! I'm not complaining though....I'll take all the tomato ripening weather I can get.

One sure sign of late summer / early fall in Seattle is spiderwebs. They are EVERYWHERE. You can't hardly walk two steps without running into one. Yuck!


...and the answer is...

...plum jam!

Despite losing a good portion of our largest Italian plum tree last year, we still have quite the plentiful crop this year. I was bound and determined to not let them all go to waste (or let them all go to Henry and the raccoons), so a-jam-making I went. I tried out two different recipes that I found online (this one and this one, in case you are interested)...and I gotta say that I had a hard time picking a favorite. They were both easy and both turned out delicious, so I'd recommend going with either one.

By the way, none of my canning books have a plum jam recipe in them. What's up with that?? Thank goodness for the internet.

Yay for plum jam! :)


what's cookin

Our kitchen smelled soooooo good this weekend! Can you guess what I was making?

I'll give you two hints...(1) it wasn't tomatoes, and (2) I didn't have to go too far to gather my ingredients...


Friday Funny

"Hmmm, tastes good....but would be better with some salt and pepper..."


Happy Anniversary to us! :)

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary, honey....it's been a great 4 years and I can't wait to see what lies ahead for us. :)

To celebrate our anniversary, we ate at Pizzeria Pulcinella. It's been open for a while and we've been really curious about it, but it wasn't until I saw this post that I decided we couldn't wait any longer to try out this charming pizza joint. O.M.G. So good. It was stupid (and that's a compliment, according to Mia Michaels...had to throw in a SYTYCD reference...). Great atmosphere, super friendly staff, delicious food AND close to home? Get out of town! It was the perfect anniversary dinner, and I imagine that we'll be making many return trips.

So that's our anniversary. 4 years down, many more to come. Yesterday was my step-grandma's 99th birthday (HOLY COW!!) and tomorrow is my brother's birthday. Happy early birthday, brother. We love you! We love you, too, Mimmie...but I doubt you'll be jumping on the internet and checking out the blog... :)


I'll be back soon...

Not really in a blogging mood lately. Too many tomatoes to deal with! :)

I'll be back soon, and I've been taking lots and lots of photos over the last 3 1/2 weeks. Look for regular posting to start back up again on Thursday (have to can tomatoes tonight, have to watch the 2-hr season 3 finale of Dexter tomorrow....assuming Netflix sends it to us). Thanks for hanging in there (if anyone actually is still coming to check out the blog)!

~L :)