monster tomato

Have I mentioned lately that we planted 28 tomato plants this year? And that 26 of them are THRIVING? We have so many tomatoes, it's ridiculous (ridiculously AWESOME, I say). Some of the tomatoes are really big, too. Check out this bad boy!

I think he's a Hungarian Heart, although my plant markers got a little mixed up so I could be wrong. But regardless, he weighed in at a whopping 1 pound 5 ounces!

So just seeing him sitting on our patio table doesn't really do justice to how big he is, does it? Okay, let's put something with it for scale. How about my hand?

Hmm, still not really doing it for you? How about using Henry for scale?

Mom, why are you doing this to me??

Hee, hee.... Don't worry, I gave him a cherry tomato to snack on for being such a good boy for my photo shoot.

So what did we do with this big ole tomato? Well the monster tomato got crushed and preserved along with his brothers and sisters. More to come about that in a future post... :)

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