hanky panky

I'm not going to name any names, but someone in this household has big messy sneezes A LOT throughout the day. So a while back we decided to give handkerchiefs a try, to see if carrying a hanky in his pocket every day would be an acceptable alternative to carrying around loads of tissues and paper napkins. Besides, (a) the treehugger in me likes the idea of not wasting any more trees than necessary and (b) hankies don't shred into tiny pieces in the laundry like tissues do. Much like the closet doors, this is a win-win situation for me!

We were just folding the hankies (sometimes ironed, sometimes not) and putting them in a pile either on top of our dresser or in one of the drawers. But then I saw the project in this post, and I knew I wanted to try and recreate something like that for us.

I used part of a fat quarter of some lovely chicken fabric I picked up at Esther's the last time we were in Bainbridge along with some natural cotton and some black fabric from my stash. I love me some chickens. :)

And much like Soule Mama, I put a zipper on the back so that I could easily stuff the clean hankies in after the laundry is done. But man alive, I hate reading instructions and I have no idea what I'm doing with zippers! How do you join the fabric at the top and bottom of the thing? I figured out a work-around by sewing an extra rectangle of fabric to either end...but I'm sure there's a better solution than that.

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

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Colleen said...

Hi fellow hanky lover! I love the little bag idea! I have my own line of hankies called Happy Hanky and people often ask me how to store them or where to put the dirty ones. I'll direct them to your page! Check out the hankies at www.happyhanky.com if you have a chance.