Blue Angels!

This past weekend we went to a SeaFair party at Amy & Tim’s house. It was so much fun!

Our friends live just a short walk away from Lake Washington, but the best way to see the Blue Angels performance was to walk uphill from their house a little bit to a dead-end street that had a great lookout spot. It was like a little block party - there were people sitting on their roofs, ladies hanging out on their balcony yelling “Happy SeaFair!” to everyone who walked by, parents with little kids sitting on their shoulders and just lots of happy people out enjoying the festivities.

From where we were standing we had a great view, and those fighter jets flew so close to us that we could easily read the writing on their wings!

Karl wants me to point out that these pictures were all taken with a fixed-length lens...i.e., no zoom.

Amy & Tim have a great group of friends. I often feel a little nervous and awkward in social situations where I hardly know anyone, but I didn’t need to worry about that at all for this party. Everyone was super friendly and inclusive, which made for an awful fun day. We were there for something like 12 hours (for lunch, the Blue Angels, Rock Band playing, dinner, the fireworks show and then even more Rock Band) but the time really flew by.

We also had Karl’s cousin, Lincoln, in town visiting us. He had such a great attitude and happily hung out and mingled with a bunch of strangers all day. This was the first time I’d met Lincoln, and the first time that Karl had seen him in nearly 10 years. It was fun getting to know him, and I sure hope he follows through on his plan to move to Portland soon. The more family members we can get to move to the Pac NW the better….that’s what I always say! :)

Thanks, Amy & Tim, for hosting such a great party!

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