before and after

Back in July, when my dad and stepmom came to visit us, they asked if there were any small(ish) home improvement projects that they could help us with. Umm, yes please!

Right near the top of my list since we moved in has been replacement of our closet doors. It's probably been near the top of the list of anyone who stays with us as well, since I took off the closet doors from our guest bedroom and threw them in the dump a few years ago...but never got around to actually replacing the doors. Welcome to our home! Here's a messy closet for you to look at while you lay in bed! :)

So anyway... We had 4 sets of plain jane hollow core sliding closet doors that had definitely seen better days. My dad did some sleuthing around at the big box hardware stores and he came up with an affordable and relatively easy alternative. Veneered "doors"!

I was skeptical of these things at first, because I was really envisioning a "real" door instead of a frame with a thin veneer in it. But you know what? I totally love these now! They were affordable, they match the rest of our bedroom & bathroom doors, and most importantly they look SO MUCH BETTER than what we had before. I'd call that a win-win situation. :)

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