cat on a hot tin roof

Seattle is breaking heat records right and left. Yesterday the official downtown high was 103, which broke the all-time high temperature on any day in recorded history. Crazy! The high in Renton was 104, Redmond was 109 and Kirkland was 112! It's bananas, I tell ya.

I'm so glad that we bought our little window a/c unit a few years back, as it's been our saving grace these last few days. I'm also glad for some handy dandy duck tape that "fixed" our fan blade after it fell and broke...otherwise I might have had to join the crazy masses who are stalking all of the retail stores around here in hopes of finding some relief from the heat. Something tells me the shelves are probably pretty bare out there right now, and that the effort would be about as pointless as trying to find a snow shovel in stock during the crazy storms that we had last winter.

Cooper Sunshine is very lethargic during the heat, and he spends all of his time flopped across our bed or flopped across the floor in the kitchen. Yet he won't spend his time flopped in the office where the temps are much cooler. Such a martyr, that one. ;)

Hard to deny that global climate change is upon us when the Emerald City is more and more frequently turning white with snow in the winter and brown with drought in the summer....


Kate and Matt said...

He is so cute! We're enjoying mild July temps here in the midwest, which make for lovely morning walks.

philnjill said...

I am glad I'm in muggy Miami this week! But I feel really bad for Jill and the kids. I know it's been sweltering back there.