Up, up and away

Karl and I have a tradition of going out for a date night on opening weekend of new Pixar movies, so this past weekend we did just that and went to see Up at the new shopping/dining area near our house. We started out the evening by trying a new Thai restaurant, Thai 65. Surprisingly good and affordable! They need to install some shades on their windows for when the hot sun is beating through and blinding their patrons, but other than that we really liked it. We also like that it’s closer (and slightly cheaper) than our other nearby favorite Thai restaurant, Thai Ginger in Factoria.

After dinner we headed over to the movie theater and settled in to see Pixar’s newest release, Up. As usual, Pixar did not disappoint! The movie had a more mature underlying theme of grief and loneliness mixed in with plenty of laughs and adventure along with Pixar’s always stellar artwork and CGI graphics.

Since nearly all the movie reviews talk about it, I don’t think I’m giving anything away by talking about the opening sequence. The main character is Carl, and he recently lost his wife Ellie. At the beginning of the movie there is a silent montage of Carl and Ellie’s life together. It’s a poignantly emotional roller coaster that is really beautifully done. There probably weren’t many dry eyes in the theater by the time this section of the movie wrapped up.

I loved the rest of the movie just as much, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t yet seen it. Suffice it to say, Karl and I both loved it a lot. Every single detail was just exquisite – from the iconic image of Carl’s house being lifted by thousands of balloons, to the richly layered fireplace mantel filled with mementos of Carl and Ellie’s hopes and dreams, to the his and hers chairs in their living room and the personalities attributed to the dogs in the jungle all the way down to the color palette and music selections – these large and small details combined to create a very heart-warming, uplifting and memorable film.

Needless to say, we’re still talking about it days later and Karl has already put it on his birthday wish list. :)

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