Sunday garden tour - June 7

Our short, but highly effective, heat wave that we had last week in Seattle made for hitting the garden jackpot!

Panoramic garden shot...

I've got a couple really good-sized heads of cauliflower growing - a bit bigger than a softball right now. And yes, after I took this photo I wrapped the leaves around it to keep it nice and white. :)

There are also several teeny tiny heads of broccoli forming.


Itsy bitsy tomatoes (I believe these are Sungolds)...

And tons of peas!

The garden is very green right now, but probably by my update next week I'll have a bit more color to share because the marigolds that I started from seed are getting ready to peek out and say hello.

What hasn't come up yet though? Zucchini. Darn! I've replanted seeds twice now (from 2 different seed packets), but I'm still coming up with a big fat goose egg. I'm going to give it one more week before I throw in the towel and buy a starter zuc plant.

'Till next week!

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