Sunday garden tour - June 21

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

This week I harvested 10.6 oz of snap peas. Yum! And there is a lot of rainbow chard, lettuce and broccoli that is either ready or right on the brink.

We've also got fava beans! A lot of people tell me they've never had fava beans and wouldn't know what to do with them.....well, try this Jamie Oliver recipe. I love it! I add garlic and eat it over pasta. So good.

And we've got overgrown potato bins, too! I read that if you don't hill up your potato stems before they get more than 4 inches tall or so....they'll remain stems and won't turn into more roots. The hot sun we had a few weeks ago caused these suckers to grow. Like. Crazy. So we'll see how many potatoes we get out of the bins as they are, but I'm not adding any more boards or dirt to them since that would be a waste at this point. Lesson learned for next year!

And then finally our big project this week was to build tomato cages. Since I planted so many (28) tomato plants, purchasing cages for all of them wasn't really in the budget (not to mention that those store-bought cages are pretty flimsy). So we bought a big roll of galvanized metal fencing (with 4-in x 2-in openings) and turned it in to super sturdy tomato cages for a fraction of the cost. We snipped off the very bottom row of metal to create a bunch of spikes to secure the cages in the ground and then also snipped out 6 large rectangular areas in each cage so that we can have plenty of space to reach in and grab the tomatoes when they ripen. If you click and enlarge the very first photo above, you can see all of the cages in a little more detail.

So that's the garden tour for today. Happy June 21! :)

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philnjill said...

WOW. Everytime I see your garden it astounds me!