Thai cooking

My friend Amy, mommy to Chloe and Daphne (who, BTW, are coming to stay with us again tomorrow...for 9 days) is a great cook. Her specialty is Thai food, and she's been trying to teach me to cook a few of her signature dishes. Last weekend she came over to hang out for the day and she brought me a little gift...Thai cooking essentials! Thin soy sauce, black soy sauce, fish sauce, sriracha, hoisin sauce and chili garlic sauce. YUM!

We found a recipe for Thai fried rice on the container of fish sauce, and Amy said that it seemed pretty close to what she does...so we decided to try it out for dinner that night.

And....it looked better than it tasted. Way too much turmeric!

Oh well, at least we tried! And now we have all of the essentials in our pantry, so I feel like we've already won half the battle. I'll keep you posted if I'm able to successfully master any of my Thai favorites. :)

Thanks, Amy!


Anonymous said...

She fails to mention that it was me that did the cooking. This is why it didn't taste all that good. If she had made it I'm positive it would have been much better.


Hamster said...

looks great
try this site if you are a thai food fan