Sunday garden tour - May 31

I've decided to start a weekly garden update every Sunday. Last year I didn't take enough notes on what happened when, so this year I'm going to let my photos keep notes for me. :) This is going to be a photo-heavy post. Sorry... (click on any of the pictures to make it bigger and see more detail)

Welcome to the Farm!

First up is the herb corner on the patio. The bok choy has bolted (those are the yellow flowers in focus). Also shown are chives, onions (with a volunteer head of lettuce growing in the middle of one of the pots), mint, thyme, dill, oregano, parsley and sweet alyssum.

Next is the L-shaped bed, our original veg garden from 2008. Starting at the southeast side, we've got beets and onions interspersed (the beets hadn't sprouted yet when I planted the onions, and I mismarked where I'd sowed the beets....oops!), carrots and cucumbers (under plastic cover)...

...and then baby lettuces - my 2nd planting...

...and then spinach (1st and 2nd planting)...

...and then fava beans (finally starting to bloom!). Not shown: rosemary and teeny tiny melons (jenny lind melon and watermelon).

Nasturtiums have leaves that look like lily pads. I can't wait to see the blooms!

Potato bins growing like crazy. I hope we are doing these right - I'll be pretty annoyed if I fill these suckers up with 4 ft of dirt and then I don't find 4 ft of potatoes in the fall.

The 'covered wagon' bed - lots of onions and leeks, peppers, garlic, tomatoes and marigolds.

The 'cauliflower bed' - more onions, lettuce, monster cauliflower, rainbow chard, ireland creek annie beans (white beans) and some type of flower (marigold, I think).

The 'broccoli bed' - climbing french beans, peppers, broccoli, onions and a few tomatoes (plus a volunteer pea plant, I think).

The 'cabbage bed' - cabbage, tomatoes and basil.

The 'pea bed' - peas (with lots of blossoms!), lettuce, empress green beans and eggplant.

Not shown - the 'winter squash bed' (tomatoes, basil, peppers, butternut squash and hubbard squash), the 'summer squash bed' (tomatoes, peppers, yellow squash and zucchini), the carrot barrel and the strawberry barrel (although we've gotten about 6 ripe strawberries already!), the blueberry bushes and the flower line (struggling sunflowers and bachelor buttons).

So that's this week's garden tour. Happy Sunday!

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philnjill said...

WOWOWOW!!! Looks fantastic!