may the force be with you...

Alternate title: is my face crooked, or are my glasses?

Karl took this picture of me as we grabbed a coffee before seeing Star Trek at the IMAX theater with a bunch of his coworkers. It makes me feel a little paranoid...are my glasses always sitting crookedly on my face?!

Okay, so back to the movie...I teased Karl about his excitement level toward this movie all week, I often mix up Star Wars and Star Trek references (hence, the title of this post) and I didn't get a few of the inside jokes that everyone else was laughing at since I never watched the original series...but the movie totally rocked! Great action, fun actors, wicked special effects...and seeing it in IMAX (uhh, and not having to pay for it thanks to it being a team building thing from Karl's company) made it even better. Totally fun movie, and I'm sure we'll be getting it on DVD as soon as it gets released. :)

And while we were out at the Seattle Center, we happened to browse through the Space Needle gift shop and Karl picked up a fun Space Needle Lego set (Karl is a huge Legos fan). Score!

Live long and prosper. Na-Nu Na-Nu. Peace out. :)

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philnjill said...

I think your glasses are straight. Must be your head that's angled :)

Great picture, though!

We want to see the movie, but our weekend plans have to be scrapped due to work :(