Garden Update - May 3

Yesterday (Saturday) was 'put everything in the ground' day! I should have taken photos of the jungle (i.e., our spare bedroom/seedling room), but I didn't...so suffice it to say that my tomato seedlings were about a foot tall. Woohoo! The grow light situation that Karl set up for me worked so well - thanks, honey!

So to start the day out we went to the Seattle Tilth Plant Sale in Wallingford (one of my favorite Seattle neighborhoods, BTW). It was ridiculously crowded, and we got soaked in the rain. But we did pick up lots of herbs, a few extra tomatoes and peppers, cucumbers and some pretty sweet allysum. All of the plants at this sale are known winners in our Pac NW climate, so I think of these plants as a way to hedge my bets just in case the seedlings I started don't work out. :) The plant sale was super cool - so fun to see so many people excited about gardening!

Once we got back from the Tilth sale (and dried off), I checked my master garden plan and started setting out the seedlings in their appropriate beds to check for proper spacing. A few observations - more tomatoes and significantly more peppers survived than I anticipated! A few adjustments here and there and it was time to start digging.

Luckily Karl woke up from his nap right about then and he started to help me, otherwise I would have gotten stuck in a big thunderstorm and I wouldn't have finished!

At the end of the day we got all of my (non-flower) seedlings planted as well as the tomatoes and peppers that I purchased from the Tilth sale. Then on Sunday we finished planting the rest of the herbs, weeded some more, set up my tomato experiments (more on that in a moment), re-built the covered wagon, moved our bird feeders from the eaves of the house to their new hook (much to the delight of bird-hunting, squirrel-catching Henry...but we thwarted his attempts by putting up a fence to protect the birdies) and set up our new bird bath. What a great weekend!

So about my tomato experiments...I figure that since I've got so many tomato plants growing I can afford to play around with different techniques to see what results in the most production. I've got some tomatoes under the covered wagon (i.e., our hoop house covered in heavy-duty plastic), some under the lower insect netting hoops, some surrounded by these nifty water-filled tomato teepees and then my control plants are just out in the open. I'll let you know what works the best!

Now for the tally....drum roll please! As of May 3, we've got the following in the ground and growing in the garden:

* 4 bok choy (some pest is enjoying these right now...one of the pitfalls of organic gardening)
* approx 140 onions/leeks
* lots of carrots
* 28 tomato plants
* 18 pepper plants (hot, sweet and bell)
* 4 basil
* 1 tomatillo
* 6 cabbage
* 6 broccoli
* 4 eggplant
* 4 heads of lettuce
* 30 peas
* 13 fava beans
* 7 spinach
* 2 cucumbers
* 30 beets
* 3 potato bins
* 4 cauliflower
* 11 chard
* 10 garlic
* 2 thyme
* 2 dill
* 1 apple mint
* 2 Italian parsley
* chives
* oregano
* 2 rosemary

WHEW!! I'm so excited about all of this, I can't even find the right words to adequately describe how happy it makes me. :) Still to go in the ground are lots of beans and squash, and 2nd plantings of some other things (beets, lettuce, spinach, carrots, etc).

(Note: click on any of the photos to make them bigger and see more detail, or check out my garden Flickr set here)

Happy Gardening!

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WOW!! That's simply amazing!!