18 and Life

An old Skid Row song is suddenly on my mind, probably due to reading my brother's blog entry today. Honestly I didn't realize the significance of today's date until I read that entry - I guess I hadn't even looked at a calendar all day.

I think of my sister nearly every day, I remember her life with fondness (mostly...she was my older sister, after all, and she wasn't always all sweetness and light!) and I mourn the fact that she was taken from this world far too soon. I wish she was still alive, I wish she'd met the many family members we've added to our brood since she's been gone, I wish I wouldn't have had to grow up so fast at such a young age. But at the same time, I love my life and I don't know how things would have been different if Carrie hadn't gone to Chillicothe that night...she wasn't a big fan of Missouri and she would have actively campaigned against me going to MU, and if I wouldn't have gone to MU then I might not have met my good friend Laura and she might not have introduced me to her brother...who just happens to be my loving husband.

So my point in all of this rambling is...I don't like dwelling on the bad memories or dates, but I prefer to reflect fondly on the good memories. Otherwise it's too easy for me to fall into the 'what if' trap. But everyone is different...some say Missourah, some say Missouri. :)

On a totally unrelated, and much lighter, note...should I be embarrassed to have admitted to knowing a Skid Row song?? And does anyone know what flowers/shrubs I have pictured here? We were walking around the Seattle Center a week or so ago, and the foliage was so pretty that I just had to take some pics for my inspiration folder...

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