weekend getaway

So, as I mentioned before, Henry took his first flight last weekend. We made a quick trip down to Sacramento for a lovely weekend away from home (but still at home, so to speak). We ate a lot of good food (Karl got to try a recipe that my sister-in-law introduced to our family a looooong time ago...rice bash! And he loved it so much that I think we might add it in to our own rotation here in Seattle), we laughed and laughed, we shopped around Old Folsom and we stopped at The Hacienda to sit out in the sunshine and enjoy some snacks.

We also got introduced to the Wii Fit while we were down there, and wooooeeee did we have fun with it! Not only did we laugh our tails off while my good natured hubs acted as our guinea pig to try out all the different exercises, we just had plain old fun doing those silly little games. So much so that we ordered one for ourselves before we even left town. I can't wait until it gets here!

Thanks to Dad and Barb for a nice and relaxing weekend. It was just what we needed!

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