birthday weekend

Over my birthday weekend, I...

:: turned 31 ::

:: played with our weekend guests, Chloe and Daphne, a LOT ::

:: didn't cook or clean hardly at all ::

:: spent a lot of time with the hubs, both of us healing from a pretty rough end to our week ::

:: said hello to the sunshine, and even got a little sunburn on my nose ::

:: heard from an awful lot of family and friends ::

:: texted with both of my brothers ::

:: ate a lot of good food and drank some good wine ::

:: successfully went to the Ballard Market with all three (!) dogs ::

:: did a happy dance upon seeing the season's first Washington-grown asparagus ::

:: laughed at how freakishly big Cooper's tail got every time he saw Chloe or Daphne ::

:: happily watched Karl mow our jungle of a backyard ::

:: saw Hobbes guard his territory...this is his house, we are his people and gosh darn it he's not going to hide from anyone! ::

:: planted a few more plants in the garden ::

(I know, most of the pictures don't go with the bullet points...but I just had to share some pics of our pretty house guests...)

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philnjill said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend! The weather sure cooperated with you!!