morning ritual

Every since we got our new table a while back, Karl and I have started a new ritual during the week. Usually around the time I've just gotten my hair dried in the morning, Karl calls out "Coffee's ready!" and then we both stop what we're doing and enjoy a morning cup of joe. This particular morning we happened to have some yummy pastries as well, but normally it's just coffee and chit chat.

See the hint of a kitty head in the background? Usually we've got at least one of the boys either begging for lovin' or begging for outside time. Adds to the morning ambiance...

So that's our morning ritual. It's not something that screams "We're romantic!"...but it sure is nice to get that quality one-on-one time before we head our separate ways for the day. :)


Mmmm, asparagus

Over my birthday weekend we found the season's first asparagus, and it made me so happy! I just love it when asparagus comes in to season, and my favorite way to eat it is simply to wash and trim them, toss with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, sprinkle with salt and pepper and then roast at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or so until they are just about to wilt but still with some crunch left. Delicious!

Although I must say, I made this recipe the other day and it was quite a tasty way to enjoy asparagus as well.

I love asparagus season!


weekend getaway

So, as I mentioned before, Henry took his first flight last weekend. We made a quick trip down to Sacramento for a lovely weekend away from home (but still at home, so to speak). We ate a lot of good food (Karl got to try a recipe that my sister-in-law introduced to our family a looooong time ago...rice bash! And he loved it so much that I think we might add it in to our own rotation here in Seattle), we laughed and laughed, we shopped around Old Folsom and we stopped at The Hacienda to sit out in the sunshine and enjoy some snacks.

We also got introduced to the Wii Fit while we were down there, and wooooeeee did we have fun with it! Not only did we laugh our tails off while my good natured hubs acted as our guinea pig to try out all the different exercises, we just had plain old fun doing those silly little games. So much so that we ordered one for ourselves before we even left town. I can't wait until it gets here!

Thanks to Dad and Barb for a nice and relaxing weekend. It was just what we needed!


Henry's first flight

Henry took his first airplane ride this past weekend! I worried and worried about this day, and I was convinced that he would make a scene on the plane and I'd be mortified. But it turned out that Henry had a little trick up his sleeve...a trick called he-was-totally-calm-the-entire-time!

Makes me wonder what else he's hiding up those fuzzy sleeves of his... :)


birthday weekend

Over my birthday weekend, I...

:: turned 31 ::

:: played with our weekend guests, Chloe and Daphne, a LOT ::

:: didn't cook or clean hardly at all ::

:: spent a lot of time with the hubs, both of us healing from a pretty rough end to our week ::

:: said hello to the sunshine, and even got a little sunburn on my nose ::

:: heard from an awful lot of family and friends ::

:: texted with both of my brothers ::

:: ate a lot of good food and drank some good wine ::

:: successfully went to the Ballard Market with all three (!) dogs ::

:: did a happy dance upon seeing the season's first Washington-grown asparagus ::

:: laughed at how freakishly big Cooper's tail got every time he saw Chloe or Daphne ::

:: happily watched Karl mow our jungle of a backyard ::

:: saw Hobbes guard his territory...this is his house, we are his people and gosh darn it he's not going to hide from anyone! ::

:: planted a few more plants in the garden ::

(I know, most of the pictures don't go with the bullet points...but I just had to share some pics of our pretty house guests...)


a baby shower gift

A good friend of mine is pregnant with her first child and is also getting ready to move back home to Anchorage in the next few weeks. I made this gift for her baby shower/going away party. I loved it so much that I made Karl drive so I could admire my handiwork for a few more minutes while we made the trek to her house! :)

I used this tutorial, although I kind of ran out of patience on the binding (I'm sure some of you are so shocked by this!).

And then I added in a coordinated coffee sleeve for the mommy-to-be. She had joked a while ago that she missed coffee so bad that she hoped the baby would be born with a latte in hand...so I wanted to make sure she was ready!

I had a lot of fun making this baby gift. It was the first time I made a bib and the first time I appliqued. Too fun!

Friday Funny


making babies

Veggie babies, that is! :)

It never ceases to amaze me that I can plant a tiny seed in the ground and then basically ignore it for a few weeks....and BAM! A little seedling emerges! And then in a few months we'll have edible food! Crazytown. The miracle of life is so nuts.

This has been a big week for these little babies. Check it out!





I love it!



My brother left a comment yesterday saying how glorious the weekend was, and it's so true! I love living in Seattle (even the endless gray winter days), but weekends like this help me appreciate the sunshine! Today brought us more sun, and it had a positive impact on everyone I talked to. But I guess all of us Seattleites had better soak up as much vitamin D as we can, because the forecast says this sunshine and warmth is only lasting for one more day and then it's back to the 40s and 50s (and maybe even the 30s....BOO!).

This little guy was definitely living it up in the sunshine these last few days. He was the more adventurous of our two kitties, which is definitely a role reversal. Hobbes loves the sunshine! :)


hello sun

Today was a momentous day. Can you tell why from the pic below?

Umm, no....it wasn't momentous because of the dust and pet fur on our weather station... :) Today was the first day of the year where it was (a) over 70 degrees and (b) warmer outside than it was inside! Woohoo!!

So then, how about a tour around our yard?

Primroses that survived these last few weeks of nasty weather...

A hydrangea that's trying to bloom (and a spider web sneaking in...it must be spring!)...

Weeping cherry blossoms...

No matter how many times I cut this rose down to the ground, it just keeps coming back...

Strawberries in a barrel and onions in a covered wagon bed...

Lettuce, onions and cauliflower all doing well (lettuce is started from seed, onions & cauliflower were purchased as starters)...

And a full shot of the garden...

See all those random plastic containers and pieces of plastic? Those are my "greenhouses" that I placed over most of the plants in an attempt to protect them a bit from the cold temps and heavy rains that we've been having. And the big covered wagon-looking thing? That's going to be our pepper palace - it's flexible copper piping that we curved up and over the bed to a height of about 4-ft. That stuff is hard to get straight (and we definitely wouldn't have made it on the Oregon Trail with a wonky wagon like that!)! Karl pounded 2-ft sections of rebar into the ground and then fit the copper piping over the rebar, and then I stretched plastic over the whole shebang. The idea is that, since our mild Seattle summers aren't usually too conducive to pepper growth, it will create a greenhouse effect and speed up the peppers (when they get planted out there). For the time being though, I've got onions growing under there waiting for some neighbors (and slugs don't count as neighbors!).

And finally, I'll leave you with a pic of one happy kitty who is exhausted after spending nearly two full days exploring the backyard and lounging on the warm concrete. :)