yummy new table

Remember when I mentioned that our favorite furniture store was closing? Well we went to check out the goods that weekend with two things in mind - a new kitchen table set and a fabric bookshelf. We weren't so successful in finding a new bookshelf to house my fabric collection, but we did find a good deal on a kitchen table set. Check it out!

It's a bar-height, aged maple drop-leaf table and chairs. We've got it set up for 'everyday use' right now in the square shape with just 4 chairs. But if we have some friends over, we can turn the table in to a circle and pull out the additional 2 chairs that we've stashed throughout the house. I love it! Love, love, love it!

Oh, and that faux-plate wall hanging behind the table is something that we picked up on sale at Pier 1. Love that, too! I'm really feeling the love with our dining room right now, and am wanting to spend lots of time in there enjoying the view. In fact, I was sitting there enjoying a cup of coffee today when I saw our giant woodpecker friend (actually, two of them) come up to check out our broken/rotting/hopefully salvageable plum tree. We typically see the somewhat smaller (and less I-could-poke-out-your-eyes scary) Northern Flicker in our yard, but today the pileated woodpeckers (or Woody the Woodpecker, as I like to call them) were out in full force!

So anyway, now we've got an extra futon and an extra table/chair set. I think I'm going to post them on Craigslist to see if we get any takers....but first, do any of you Seattlites want either one? If so, shoot me an email and we'll arrange for pick-up. :)


Trina said...

Well if I lived closer I would take the table and chairs, but I don't think my car would make it all the way to you guys...haha.

Susan said...

Wow really nice collection of Counter Height Tables...