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Karl set up this grow light station for me in our spare bedroom. It's a shop light fixture fitted with T8 bulbs to give us the best imitation of natural light possible. The fixture is hung from chains that are attached to hooks that he screwed into the ceiling. This way I can adjust the height of the grow light as the plants get bigger. The seedling trays are on our fold-up card table, so the whole set up was pretty darn affordable. I might have him set up one more light fixture to give me additional coverage, because once these little babies get a little bigger I'll need to put them into larger containers to allow their root systems to thrive....and that means I'll need more light.

Speaking of the little babies, here's where our first responders are as of 2/26. We've also had some leeks, onions, bok choy and peppers sprout, but still no eggplant or tomatoes.

Grow baby grow!

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Anonymous said...

Of course since this post was made the eggplant and tomatoes have popped up! Our plants are doing very awesome this year.