still garden dreaming

We're planning on renting a sod cutter and a tiller tomorrow to dig up a 24 ft x 24 ft section of the backyard for our veg garden. I thought I'd post some garden inspiration, to help us remember what's in store for us as we suffer through the pain of getting the garden ready for planting! :)

1. sodremoval.jpg, 2. Fourhens.jpg, 3. newgarden.jpg, 4. hoophouse.jpg, 5. Our Little Garden, 6. rooftop garden, 7. Raised Beds, 8. Lettuce in raised beds with hoops, 9. My little garden, 10. 2006_0524garden0030, 11. My Herb and Veggie Garden, 12. Some Potting Shed!

Happy Friday!

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philnjill said...

Good luck! I look forward to seeing what you end up with!