on becoming farmers...

Day 1 of the Big Dig, in photos (not the best photos, but I was too tired and cold to worry about photo quality)...

The day started out foggy and in the 30s. Awesome.

We rented an insanely heavy sod cutter ($40 for 2 hours) that barely fit in Karl's car. Luckily the rental place let us take home their ramps, otherwise the sod cutter would have spent two hours stuck in Karl's car.

Surveying the area and getting ready to say goodbye to all that grass. (Plus, I marked the area where our 2008 veg garden was so that you can get a sense for how much bigger we're making the garden this year.)

For some reason, I could not get him to look up and smile for the camera! (notice that you can see his breath...brrrr!)

Taking a break from rolling sod for photographic evidence. Karl would run the sod cutter over the grass, and then I'd crawl along after him rolling the sod up. I was pretty darn muddy by the end of those two hours.

A quick self portrait in the kitchen window.

After returning the sod cutter, we rented a tiller ($90 for a day, but we get to keep it until Monday morning since they aren't open on Sundays). Luckily this thing wasn't nearly as heavy as the sod cutter...if it had been, we probably would have called it a day by this point.

Karl rock and rolled his way through that dirt while I cleaned up other parts of the yard, and at the end of the day we have a big huge dirt patch. Woo hoo! In total we cut up about 1/4 of our backyard, so Hen-Hen still has lots of grassy space to run around and be a crazy pup. :)

We took about 2/3 of the sod and rolled it out in the front yard, where our grass is really cruddy. I hope it takes! The rest of the sod will be used to fill in random spaces throughout the yard.

So that's Day 1. We're sore (really sore) but excited (really excited!) about all of the garden space that we'll have now! The weather forecast for today isn't calling for any rain until the afternoon, so we're hoping to get out there and run the tiller over the dirt one more time before Mother Nature takes over. And then it'll be time (in another week or so) to get compost and mulch delivered so we can build the garden beds and paths in preparation for planting everything. So exciting! :)

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philnjill said...

I'm tired just looking at the pictures! How cool for you guys! That's awesome.